Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Michael's information report about Oil Spills

Oil Spills

Oil spills are a deadly mess that can kill many marine life. Oil spills are caused normally by ships crashing or breaking down.

Oil spills through a hole in the ship and floats on top of the water. This plots the water beneath. The oil can be many colors but when it comes out it is black.

Oil spills are caused in many ways. Some are caused by human mistakes or people being careless. Other ways are equipment breaking down, natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms. They can also be caused by terrorists, countries at war or illegal dumpers.

Oil Spills kill animals in many different ways. Birds get covered in oil and try to clean their feathers and die because the oil is poisonous. The oil can blind birds, which leads to them getting eaten by predators. Birds try to get food and then eats its prey with oil on it, causing the birds to be poisoned. Fish can get poisoned by the pollution that the oil spill causes.

Oil Spill affect the ocean by polluting the water, poisoning the animals that live in the water, and staining the coastline and killing the animals that live on the shore.

Oil Spills are awful messes I wish we could find a new way to make oil that is not poisonous.

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