Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Inquiry Project

My Inquiry Project


Room 5 did inquiry projects we could choose any type of way to present it. I presented mine as a power point with lots of information. My umbrella question was how can I save dolphins. I learnt that dolphins sleep with one eye open and they use echolocation to communicate. I also learnt that dolphins eat a variety of prey like fish, squid, shrimp and small rays. I learnt that dolphins swim in groups called pods and there are about five to several hundred in a pod.

I could improve next time by making a poster if my question is smaller or maybe presenting it some other way on a piece of paper, because then I can hang it up and others can see it and learn from it while if I do a power point others can’t learn from it because they can’t access it.

By Georgia                                                                                                                                                                         

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  1. Wow I love how you have used PowerPoint to present your inquiry project, you are clearly embracing technology and BYOD, great work! We use PowerPoint too for some of our presentations, we usually print out our PowerPoint slides and staple them into a little book for people to take away after the presentation, perhaps you could do the same and hang it in the class for people to look at.