Thursday, 9 May 2013

Homemade paper by Karen L and Claire

This week Room 5 made paper out of old paper that's been used into new paper.
Here is how we made it:

Old paper that's been used
Hot water
Paper recycling kit
Art shirt/old shirt
Rubber gloves/plastic gloves
Cello tape
Glitter (if wanted)

1.Rip up paper
2.Put the ripped up paper into the hot water

3.Soak it over night in the hot water
4.Put the dye, mulch in to the tray in the recycling paper kit
5.Get the gloves and put them on with the cello tape

6.Choose which shape you want to make the paper with from the recycling kit

7.Take the shape you want and put the sieve under it
8.Then put it in the tray containing the mulch and dye
9.Leave it in the tray until it has been covered in mulch and dye
10.Clear away the mulch from the edges of the shape
11.Put the cloth on to the shape and sieve then squeeze it hard with your hands
12.Take the sieve and the shape off carefully be careful not to damage the shape of the mulch

13.Then put the other cloth on the other side

14.Take the squeezer from the recycling kit and put the cloth and mulch on to the squeezer
15.Put the lid on the bottom part of the squeezer and screw the bolts on

16.Then squeeze the squeezer until there is no dye coming out

17.Unscrew the bolts and lift up the lid
18.Let it dry over night

Room 5 enjoyed making paper, the colours room 5 chose were violet, blue and red.
We made to pieces each one for Mother's Day and one for the parent helper who helped us on Maritime Museum.