Thursday, 18 April 2013

Our Audience

It is quite cool on that you can see where your audience comes from. While most of our views are from New Zealand (as you would expect...), we also have had views from some very interesting places as well. Here are the percentage of viewers from each country:

NZ - 75.7%
Russia - 12%
Germany - 7%
USA - 3.4%
China - 0.8%
South Korea - 0.6%
Brazil - 0.2%

I wonder why the highest view count after New Zealand is Russia? 

Have a wonderful holiday! Remember that BYOD officially starts on the first Monday back and that our trip to the Maritime Museum is the second day back.

See you next term :D.
Miss Williams

Georgia's Haiku's

Seasons Haiku

Winter's coming soon
I can’t wait - it will be fun
It’s cold, stay inside!

Nature Haiku

In the bush I
Look for birds flying
Ah! A long walk.

Funny Haiku

I saw a hungry
Ant. It had eaten up
A house down the street!

By Georgia

The Change of Room 5

 The Change of Room 5

In Room 5 we have moved all our furniture around. First we talked about were things should go and we came up with this:  

We had a fun time moving the furniture. We put the Teacher's desk in the middle, so that she could see everyone and conference with people more easily. We created the different subject areas to help our learning by working collaboratively with people who are working on the same subject as we are. The tote trays are at the back of room to keep them out of the way, but so they are still easy to get to. We used the tote trays to create a little separate area where people can work on devices that need to be plugged in. We are proud of what we created and we think it will help our learning - we'll let you know!
I hope you like how we designed our room.

By Rose

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Seasons Haiku

Winter is so cold
I make angels out of snow
I do love winter

Funny Haiku

My best friend is nice.
I will play with her today.
I hate my best friend.

Nature Haiku

Nature is awesome.
Nature is part of the earth.
Nature is perfect


Down By the Bay Artwork

Down By The Bay

Down By the bay
Where the watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
For if I do
My mother will say
"Did you ever see a lion kissing a python?"
Down by the bay.

By Jaimie

My Haiku Poem

Horses galloping
They look really beautiful
I want to ride one  

By Alice

The Change Of Room 5

 Room 5’s Amazing Classroom

On Wednesday 19 April, Miss Williams told us to pull all of the furniture to the front of the room. We were very confused, but we did it. She then told us that we were responsible for designing the layout of the room to help us with our learning. When we first found out that we were changing the classroom’s look, some people were so amazed.
After lunch we made a plan of where we wanted each space to be and how to set out the furniture.

Here’s a picture of what our plan looked like:

Then this is the end result. Do you like how our new classroom looks?

By Maddy

Down by the Bay

We listened to the song "Down By the Bay" by Raffi. We then wrote our own versions that included nonsense rhymes. Then we created art to show our verse of the song.

First we got our Thinking Skills book and drew a picture of an animal doing something silly that rhymed. Then we got a big piece of white paper and drew our pictures in white chalk. Then we coloured our pictures of our animals in using crayons, leaving the white chalk uncoloured.Then we dyed it with black dye. The dye turned our white chalk lines black.

This is my picture:

Down by the bay
Where the watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go.
For if I do
My mother will say
"Have you ever seen a hog
Kissing a log?"
Down by the bay.

By Fisher



Summer smells like the salty waves splashing onto the sand. I can smell sunblock stench rubbing off.

Summer sounds like kids playing in the hot sun. I can hear the sea foaming onto the sand.

Summer tastes like ice cream melting in my cone. I can taste an ice block melting in my mouth.

Summer looks like sandcastles washing away. I can see seagulls so high it sky with the blinding sun. I can see kids playing with a beach ball.

By Lara


The snow is melting.
The flowers are all blooming.
Spring is coming, yay!

The wind is blowing.
It had blown over the trees.
It is cool outside.

By: Maggie


Autumn is coming
Time to explore in the leaves
Aghhh! Here comes winter

Korus are growing
Waterfalls are being made
Here comes the water

Dancing in the class
Looking like a maniac
Did the splits oh no!

By Axel

Jasmine's Senses Poem

Summer Senses

    Summer smells like the mouth-watering scent of sausages being grilled on a steaming barbecue. As I ride past the windy beach, I can smell the salty sea foaming onto the wet sand. I love the delicious smell of Fish n Chips being cooked by my mum.

    Summer sounds like the beautiful birds singing loud and clear like the cow's bells ringing. I can hear little kids singing with the birds. I like to hear pop music from my stereo.

    Summer tastes like the cold vanilla Ice cream melting in my mouth. I can taste the juicy steak fresh of the barbecue. I like to taste the freshly caught, salty Fish 'n Chips.

    Summer looks like a green healthy environment near the beach. I can see the sun shining brightly on the cold, heavy waves pushing me onto shore, As I walk along the golden sand, I love to see the colourful sea shells scattered on the shore.

    Summer feels like the soft sand sliding off my hand like silk. I like to feel the cold water sticking to my body. I enjoy feeling the cold big waves pushing me to shore.

By: Jasmin

Monday, 15 April 2013

BYOD Begins!!

On Monday 16 April, the children from Room 5 brought their own devices to school for the first time! We are going to be bringing our own devices from the beginning of term two and Monday was just a chance to try it out. We had an awesome time. Here is what some of students thought about the day.

Yuan said BYOD (bring your own device) is a good way to learn new things. He said that it was hard to connect to the internet, but from now on it will be easier. Yuan is disappointed because he cannot play games. He is looking forward to getting new creation apps. Yuan says that not all schools should have BYOD.

Luke says it is cool to have BYOD but it is scary thinking that it could get broken. He says BYOD is easy because it is your own device and there are no log on passwords. Luke says if he could not have an Ipad he would have an Ipod Touch.


Maddy said Room 5 and Room 7 were lucky to be able to bring their own device. She would like a Ipad instead of an Ipod. Maddy also said that she thinks all schools should bring their own device.

By Alex David, Michael and Fisher

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Michael's Haiku Poems

Nature Haiku

Jaguar sprinting 
Jaguar jumps through the air 
Flies and land in leaves.

Seasons Haiku

The hot sun burns me, 
It hurts my small weak body 
I put on sunscreen

Silly Haiku

I go to school late 
Little miss broke my lunch box 
I'm glad she did it.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

NONSENSE!!!!! By Maggie

Nonsense Poem

Nonsense Poem

I entered Ben’s house with the door closed
We watched the TV on a blank screen
It was a sunny day when it was time to go to sleep
There was no sound while Ben was snoring
I woke up in a dream
I drove a car on a stream
It was time for trick or treat on Christmas day
Many people came to our house but we scared them instead
The next day we ate breakfast without opening our mouths

By Yuan

Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want is You

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nick's Awesome Camp Poem

Camp poem

We are about to get going
And we will be flowing
It will always be a sunny day.

We're on the bus ready to go
I will never say no
We're having fun at piha bay.

Here we go off to piha
And I am going to say yeeha
I think this going to be fun.

Learning facts about the ocean
I'm having fun watching henry posing
It's so much fun being in the sun.

We're nearly done at this wonderful place
And it truly has put a smile on our face
The bus is coming pretty soon

It's been the best day ever
Jumping off lion rock I will do never.
I liked looking at the sand dunes.

personification poem: Clouds

Personification Poem

Personification Poem

I am rain.

I start my life high in the blue sky

Taking off to start my falling journey

Diving through the air, it is still a long way

I do not stop, I fly sharply to the ground

I am not like someone else, but my time on earth is short

I zoom very fast like a rocket

I land on the tall grass to have a rest

I continue flying to the wet ground.

I reach the wet ground finally and end my life.

And it's me rain!

By Yuan