Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nick's Awesome Camp Poem

Camp poem

We are about to get going
And we will be flowing
It will always be a sunny day.

We're on the bus ready to go
I will never say no
We're having fun at piha bay.

Here we go off to piha
And I am going to say yeeha
I think this going to be fun.

Learning facts about the ocean
I'm having fun watching henry posing
It's so much fun being in the sun.

We're nearly done at this wonderful place
And it truly has put a smile on our face
The bus is coming pretty soon

It's been the best day ever
Jumping off lion rock I will do never.
I liked looking at the sand dunes.


  1. When I did my Piha Beach poem I found it really hard to find rhyming words, so well done!!

  2. It is nice and cool.

    PS: weres your name?