Monday, 15 April 2013

BYOD Begins!!

On Monday 16 April, the children from Room 5 brought their own devices to school for the first time! We are going to be bringing our own devices from the beginning of term two and Monday was just a chance to try it out. We had an awesome time. Here is what some of students thought about the day.

Yuan said BYOD (bring your own device) is a good way to learn new things. He said that it was hard to connect to the internet, but from now on it will be easier. Yuan is disappointed because he cannot play games. He is looking forward to getting new creation apps. Yuan says that not all schools should have BYOD.

Luke says it is cool to have BYOD but it is scary thinking that it could get broken. He says BYOD is easy because it is your own device and there are no log on passwords. Luke says if he could not have an Ipad he would have an Ipod Touch.


Maddy said Room 5 and Room 7 were lucky to be able to bring their own device. She would like a Ipad instead of an Ipod. Maddy also said that she thinks all schools should bring their own device.

By Alex David, Michael and Fisher


  1. Kiri (Rose's Mum)16 April 2013 at 22:25

    Interesting to hear your opinions of your first BYOD day. Great interviewing skills. I would also be very interested in how Miss Willams thought the day went. You'll have to interview her next!

  2. Hi Kiri :)
    I thought it was fantastic! We are very lucky to have so many extra devices that can help us with our learning. We had 4 laptops, 8 iPads/tablets and 3 iPod Touches, so that will free up the 6 class devices to share between 11 children, instead of 26 children! It's hard to say much after one day, where the focus was really on getting connected to the server, the internet and Google Apps, but it was a very positive start. Next term the real adventure begins!

    Watch this space.... ;)
    Belinda (Miss Williams)