Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jasmine's Senses Poem

Summer Senses

    Summer smells like the mouth-watering scent of sausages being grilled on a steaming barbecue. As I ride past the windy beach, I can smell the salty sea foaming onto the wet sand. I love the delicious smell of Fish n Chips being cooked by my mum.

    Summer sounds like the beautiful birds singing loud and clear like the cow's bells ringing. I can hear little kids singing with the birds. I like to hear pop music from my stereo.

    Summer tastes like the cold vanilla Ice cream melting in my mouth. I can taste the juicy steak fresh of the barbecue. I like to taste the freshly caught, salty Fish 'n Chips.

    Summer looks like a green healthy environment near the beach. I can see the sun shining brightly on the cold, heavy waves pushing me onto shore, As I walk along the golden sand, I love to see the colourful sea shells scattered on the shore.

    Summer feels like the soft sand sliding off my hand like silk. I like to feel the cold water sticking to my body. I enjoy feeling the cold big waves pushing me to shore.

By: Jasmin

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