Monday, 8 July 2013

My Inquiry Project By Isabelle

My Inquiry Project


Room 5 did Inquiry Projects. We could do what ever we pleased to show what we learned from our Umbrella question and Subsindary questions.


I did a poster with model showing a boat and dolphin. My poster answered 6 questions they were: How they die, What they eat, where they live,How many left and How to help , with the Umbrella question is 6 questions.


My Umbrella question is: How can we stop the endangered hector dolphins from dying. And the other 5 questions above.


I learned that hector dolphins die because they get stuck on set nets and they drown. I learned how many are left  and their big drop.


I could do better by: doing my work quicker and not only on weekends, get all my stuff so if I need some things I don’t need to go all the way to the shop.


                                                          By Isabelle


inquiry presentation

Rm5 had an inquiry project and we had 2 weeks to finish it . we made a question with 4 or 5 little questions we could present it however we liked.


I presented mine on a poster with words pictures and a chart.


My umbrella question was how can we stop global warming and my subsidiary questions were. How can we stop the hole in the ozone layer from getting bigger,what are CFCs,what different powers can we use and, how has the ozone layer changed over years.


I learned what CFCs are and where they come from, a different power, that cfcs are bad for the environment






















Sunday, 7 July 2013

My FIRST Inquiry Project! By Karen L

What we did was a BIG project about our BIG umbrella question and about our subsidiary questions (we had 4-5 questions) about the ocean because our topic was about the ocean this term. Miss Williams told us that we could do anything even baking cakes or making a song. I decided that I could use a shoe box to make a ocean scene and put the information inside it.


My big umbrella question was “What type of rubbish are the sea animals eating and why would they want to eat it?”


Here is what my inquiry project looked like:



My 1# subsidiary question was “How does the litter get to sea animals?”

The answer was the litter gets to the sea animals by drain or the wind into the sea or ocean.


My 2# subsidiary question was” How much sea animals die from litter in a year?

The answer was 1,000,000 marine animals die from litter in a year.


My 3# subsidiary question was “Why do people pollute when they know they’re hurting the environment?”

People pollute when they know they are hurting the environment because of lazyness and excuses.

One excuse is “The bins are in the wrong place .”

Another excuse is If that place is dirty why bother to look for the bin?”

My Inquiry Project

My Inquiry Project


Room 5 did inquiry projects we could choose any type of way to present it. I presented mine as a power point with lots of information. My umbrella question was how can I save dolphins. I learnt that dolphins sleep with one eye open and they use echolocation to communicate. I also learnt that dolphins eat a variety of prey like fish, squid, shrimp and small rays. I learnt that dolphins swim in groups called pods and there are about five to several hundred in a pod.

I could improve next time by making a poster if my question is smaller or maybe presenting it some other way on a piece of paper, because then I can hang it up and others can see it and learn from it while if I do a power point others can’t learn from it because they can’t access it.

By Georgia                                                                                                                                                                         

Inquiry project

What we did (Inquiry)

Room 5 were learning about oceans so we had to do a project about oceans, this is my question how can we save the turtles from pollution. I did a poster with a big turtle in the middle eating a plastic bag  it’s pretty sad.


How I presented it

I did a big poster with a  turtle eating a plastic bag and thinking it’s a jellyfish. I drew it out on a piece of paper first so I didn’t do a mistake on the proper thing then I drew It out on a big board

inquiry project

In room 5 we made inquiry projects about are umbrella question  my question was how can we save leatherback turtles and my subsidiary questions are where do they live ,why are they dying, ,why are they engaged and what’s happening to their habitat. I learned that fishing lines and nets are killing leatherback turtles and go much more north than other sea turtles .next time I will add more information. I presented it by using a fish tank and using origami to make my project. Here is a pitcher  of it









Inquiry Project by Claire

What room 5 did is an Inquiry Project on our BIG Umbrella question and are small subsidiary questions we chose 4-5, I presented it on wood and cork board my granddad helped me do that.

My big subsidiary question was “ What Rubbish is Killing sea animals?”

I learnt about Marine Protected Areas also known as MPA’S and what the council can do.

What I do better next time is have more details and don’t look away from the audience and have louder voice

What I did well is I put a lot of thought into my FIRST project and got it finished on time, I would like more projects so it challenges me and gives me something to do and think about

I enjoyed doing this and I wish we could do it again.

Here is my Inquiry Project  




Michael's Oil Spill Project


Last week Room 5 made inquiry projects. We could do anything we wanted. I did a big model of an oil spill.  My big question was how to reduce oil spills and the answer is to not use boats as much and use other transport or only use resources from your country. I learnt that birds can be blinded by the oil and get eaten by predators because the bird is blind. I also learnt that marine life eats their prey and in an oil spill, the prey might of injected the oil and the predator can eat the oil as well as their prey. I could improve by putting animals on the ship that have died by the oil spill. I could also do a smaller project that is easier to carry because it got broken when I was going in and out of school.    

Inquiry project

Last week in room 5 we were making inquiry projects that explained our umbrella question. I presented it like it was in real life so a little kid throw rubbish in the sea and a fisherman quartet in his lin. My umbrella question was how can we save sharks. I learnt how to keep sharks save like don’t throw rubbish in the sea teach kids not to throw  rubbish in the water    

Inquiry Project By Aohdan

This was an inquiry project made out of Lego. I presented it by having a model of a underwater tail Shark. I had some information about the model. My umbrella question was about saving sharks. I leant that 100 million sharks die a year. I could of tried to make my model bigger. I could improve by just saying what I learnt and summarized it so the class could have all understand it better than just reading it.

Friday, 5 July 2013

A fun day in the sun!

Today, Friday 5th July, Room 5 used the netball courts as our classroom and the asphalt as our paper! It was Crazy Hair Day (and Mufti day), so we made it Crazy Class Day too! We did all of our work, from Maths to Reading on the asphalt. Here are some photos:

 We have been reading the New Zealand novel 'The Halfmen of O' by Maurice Gee as a class, so we created timelines to show all of the events that have happened in the story so far.

We had to think back a long time to remember what happened at the beginning of the book, because we started reading it at the beginning of the term! Eight weeks of exciting adventures in the land of O was a bit hard to remember, but we worked as a team and got all of the main plot points down.

Once we had finished writing down everything that had happened in the book so far, we had to write what we thought the ending would be. We have got two chapters left, so we had to use our prediction skills to figure out what the most likely ending would be. We are finishing the book next week, so we will be able to check if our predictions were accurate or not very soon!

 We then spent some time decorating our timelines with pictures from the book. The most important symbol in the book is Susan's birthmark, which looks like a ying-yang sign, except it is different colours. 

We had a wonderful day in our outdoor classroom. We learnt a lot and we made the courts look interesting and colourful. The only problem is that if it rains over the weekend, all of our work is gone! At least we got photos to remember it by :).

What do you think of our day of outdoor learning? Do you think it sounds fun?
We had a lot of fun - maybe you should try it!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Michael's information report about Oil Spills

Oil Spills

Oil spills are a deadly mess that can kill many marine life. Oil spills are caused normally by ships crashing or breaking down.

Oil spills through a hole in the ship and floats on top of the water. This plots the water beneath. The oil can be many colors but when it comes out it is black.

Oil spills are caused in many ways. Some are caused by human mistakes or people being careless. Other ways are equipment breaking down, natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms. They can also be caused by terrorists, countries at war or illegal dumpers.

Oil Spills kill animals in many different ways. Birds get covered in oil and try to clean their feathers and die because the oil is poisonous. The oil can blind birds, which leads to them getting eaten by predators. Birds try to get food and then eats its prey with oil on it, causing the birds to be poisoned. Fish can get poisoned by the pollution that the oil spill causes.

Oil Spill affect the ocean by polluting the water, poisoning the animals that live in the water, and staining the coastline and killing the animals that live on the shore.

Oil Spills are awful messes I wish we could find a new way to make oil that is not poisonous.