Friday, 5 July 2013

A fun day in the sun!

Today, Friday 5th July, Room 5 used the netball courts as our classroom and the asphalt as our paper! It was Crazy Hair Day (and Mufti day), so we made it Crazy Class Day too! We did all of our work, from Maths to Reading on the asphalt. Here are some photos:

 We have been reading the New Zealand novel 'The Halfmen of O' by Maurice Gee as a class, so we created timelines to show all of the events that have happened in the story so far.

We had to think back a long time to remember what happened at the beginning of the book, because we started reading it at the beginning of the term! Eight weeks of exciting adventures in the land of O was a bit hard to remember, but we worked as a team and got all of the main plot points down.

Once we had finished writing down everything that had happened in the book so far, we had to write what we thought the ending would be. We have got two chapters left, so we had to use our prediction skills to figure out what the most likely ending would be. We are finishing the book next week, so we will be able to check if our predictions were accurate or not very soon!

 We then spent some time decorating our timelines with pictures from the book. The most important symbol in the book is Susan's birthmark, which looks like a ying-yang sign, except it is different colours. 

We had a wonderful day in our outdoor classroom. We learnt a lot and we made the courts look interesting and colourful. The only problem is that if it rains over the weekend, all of our work is gone! At least we got photos to remember it by :).

What do you think of our day of outdoor learning? Do you think it sounds fun?
We had a lot of fun - maybe you should try it!

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