Sunday, 7 July 2013

My FIRST Inquiry Project! By Karen L

What we did was a BIG project about our BIG umbrella question and about our subsidiary questions (we had 4-5 questions) about the ocean because our topic was about the ocean this term. Miss Williams told us that we could do anything even baking cakes or making a song. I decided that I could use a shoe box to make a ocean scene and put the information inside it.


My big umbrella question was “What type of rubbish are the sea animals eating and why would they want to eat it?”


Here is what my inquiry project looked like:



My 1# subsidiary question was “How does the litter get to sea animals?”

The answer was the litter gets to the sea animals by drain or the wind into the sea or ocean.


My 2# subsidiary question was” How much sea animals die from litter in a year?

The answer was 1,000,000 marine animals die from litter in a year.


My 3# subsidiary question was “Why do people pollute when they know they’re hurting the environment?”

People pollute when they know they are hurting the environment because of lazyness and excuses.

One excuse is “The bins are in the wrong place .”

Another excuse is If that place is dirty why bother to look for the bin?”

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