Sunday, 7 July 2013

inquiry project

In room 5 we made inquiry projects about are umbrella question  my question was how can we save leatherback turtles and my subsidiary questions are where do they live ,why are they dying, ,why are they engaged and what’s happening to their habitat. I learned that fishing lines and nets are killing leatherback turtles and go much more north than other sea turtles .next time I will add more information. I presented it by using a fish tank and using origami to make my project. Here is a pitcher  of it









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  1. Wow cool Diorama you have there, I love the turtles, although it looks like one has a bit of a tummy ache! It's also great to see the rest of Room 5 have had lots of unique and creative ideas for their presentations as well, well done.
    However It is a bit sad to hear about all the poor sea creatures that are suffering. People use to think that the sea was so big that the pollution we put into it would not make a difference, good thing we have learnt better now and are starting to change our ways, hopefully it is not to late. And great to see Room 5 spreading the word and helping educate people to protect our seas and oceans, keep up the great work!