Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Whatuwhiwhi by Georgia

“Are we nearly their yet?” I ask my parents, we were heading to my grandparents bach at Whatuwhiwhi. “About half an hour” Dad replies. “Finally” I say, “It’s nice to get some fresh air”. "YEAH" my little brother shouts. As soon as we’d unpacked Baxter my other brother, Grandwink and Grandad arrived. It was late so we had dinner and went to bed.
I lay awake thinking about what I’d do tomorrow. It felt like forever during the night but when it was morning I ran down the mossy creaky steps towards the beach, how lovely it was to get out of bed. The day flew past so quickly. What a day it had been. I hopped into my comfortable bed and fell fast asleep. We stayed at Whatuwhiwhi for another two more days with Baxter and Reagan being totally annoying, and Grandwink making lunches.
When I woke up for the last day I realized "Oh no, pack up time", I sprinted down to the beach and played there until we had to go. “Time to go” yells my dad from the bach. Grandwink, Grandad, Mum and I have finished tidying.
I bet I’ll never have a holiday like that again.
By Georgia 

Sinking Ships Maths Experiment

Room 5 Maths are learning about mass.

We weighed marbles (approx. 1g each), estimated, and then measured; how many marbles it took to sink our paper boats.

Control: We all made the same style paper boats

We found out the following:

  • Paper boats don't have a very long life once they touch the water!
  • If you put a whole lot of marbles in your boat and cause an edge to take on water it'll VERY quickly sink your boat
  • How many marbles depended on how you put them in your boat and also how balanced your boat 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Extreme Trampoline - by Alice

I was riding in the car waiting excitedly for us to get to the Extreme Trampoline building.
Finally, after a long bumpy ride we got there. 

When I walked in the doorway I could hear kids screaming and running excitedly.
When I came in, straight away we went to warm up on the nine Olympic sized trampolines. 

What I liked most about it was the huge climbing wall. You climbed up and then jumped into a big foam pit. I had the most amazing time and I’ll definitely go there again!

By Alice