Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to make a stuffed animal By Claire

How to make a stuffed animal!
2 Sheets of A3 Paper                                    Scrap paper
Paint                                                             Shredded paper                                                     Scissors                                                        Stapler                                                       
A LOT of staples!

1.     Get your scrap piece of paper and sketch your animal. Keep practising until you think it’s the best it can be
2.     Once you are completely happy with your work, get one of your good pieces of A3 paper and draw your animal on to it
3.     Cut your animal out
4.    Trace around your animal onto the second piece of paper
5.     Cut the second animal out
6.     Paint both pieces of paper one colour all over. This is your base colour
7.     Let them dry then add any features you want your animal to have
8.     Once it is dry, staple the two pieces of paper together along the bottom of the animal
9.     Get your shredded paper and stuff as much as you can into your animal
10.   Staple up the rest of your animal
11.   Now you are done!  
By Claire

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