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Information Report about Swordfish

Information Report about Swordfish

The swordfish are cold blooded marine animals. They are a large and strong animals. Their scientific name is Xiphias Gladius. The swordfish is one of the world's fastest sea animals as they can swim up to 50 miles per hour. They are rare animals too.

The swordfish sometimes lives in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea (Under Europe). The north-west Atlantic Ocean is also their habitat. The Pacific swordfish are three times larger than north- west Atlantic swordfish.

The swordfish have a long flat sharp bill above their mouth to catch their prey and protect from predators (enemies) including humans, large sharks and killer whales. They have a couple of big eyes and no teeth. The swordfish have a crescent shaped tail and a tall front fin. They have a special organ near their eyes which keeps their eyes and brains warm which makes them think and see better. Their average length is 2.1 metres, but some of the swordfish reach 4.6 metres! Most swordfish weigh 68 - 113 kgs. They can weigh more than 450 kg and the world's heaviest swordfish ever caught weighed 536 kgs! The female swordfish are bigger than the males. 

Swordfish are carnivores (that means meat-eaters). They eat ocean fish like mackerel, hake, herring and bluefish. They sometimes eat octopus and squids. They mostly eat at night. They catch food with their bills. 

Some swordfish die of pollution that made them think it's their food but it is actually rubbish. If they don't die from pollution, their average lifetime is three or four years and the maximum is 9 years.

The swordfish are very interesting and fun animals. You might want to see one at an aquarium!

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