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Dolphins are sea mammals. Almost all live in shallow tropical areas. Five types live in rivers. Some species of dolphins are endangered. There are up to 40 dolphins species are alive today.

Dolphins eat a variety of prey. Dolphins eat fish, squid and other types of sea animals. How much a dolphin eats depends on the size of its prey. Dolphins use different strategies to catch prey. They use methods like herding fish. Some strike fish with their tails (it is called whacking).

Dolphins are very playful. Many species will leap out of the water to look at their surroundings. Dolphins sometimes follow ships in packs.

Most Dolphins live in shallow tropical waters. Five types live in rivers. River dolphins are called platanistidae and ocean dolphins are called delphinidae. Dolphins live in every ocean, although mostly in warm waters.

Dolphins have little hairs around their jaw when they are a calf (newborn). As they get older, they fall off. Dolphins are part of the cetacean family. Most dolphins have long, light bodies that are made for fast swimming and high jumps out of the water.

There are around 35 to 40 types of dolphins that are known, though several species are known to be endangered.
Dolphins live in groups from five to several hundred.
Dolphins swim up to a hundred miles a day.
Dolphins sleep with one eye open.
Dolphins have been known to dive down to depths of 1,700 feet.
Dolphins can swim between 20 to 25 miles per hour.

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