Monday, 24 June 2013

Axolotls by Alex

Axolotls are an endangered species, found in Mexico. Mexicans eat axolotls as a big treat. Axolotls were once at the top of the food chain in their habitat. Then bigger species were introduced into their habitat. Axolotls are exclusively found in the lakes of Xochimilco.  Axolotl means Mexican Walking Fish  


Axolotls are carnivores. Axolotls eat worms, insects, small fish and anything it can fit in its mouth. Axolotls have special teeth for good grip and axolotls eat their food whole. If the food is too big for the Axolotl to eat, it will give up. Some fish that axolotls eat have diseases and if the axolotl eats it the axolotl will get the disease. Axolotls will eat dead or alive food. Axolotls will even eat small dead Axolotl body pieces!         
Physical Features
Axolotl are born with a dorsal fin and gills, which they keep for their whole life. The dorsal fin runs almost the length of its body.  It is unusual for amphibian to keep their dorsal fins and their feathery gills. When Axolotls are born they look a bit like tadpoles. Axolotls mate between 5 months and several years.
There are lots of colours for Axolotls. They can be pinky white, dark blue with spots of black, purply blue, dark green with spots of light green and lots more. Axolotls have gills on their head. Sometimes Axolotls appear to smile.

Axolotls are amazing creatures and one of the most unusual amphibians in the world.

By Alex-David 

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