Sunday, 9 June 2013

Alice's Summer Poem

Summer Poem
Summer smells like the strong salty sea water travelling up my nose when I walk across the beach. I can smell fish and chips as families picnic on the beach at sunset.  
Summer sounds like waves crashing onto the wet slippery rocks. I can hear seagulls squawking as they circle over my head, looking for their next meal.

Summer tastes like delicious chocolate ice-cream melting in my mouth. I can taste the salty sea water swirling in my mouth after I get dunked by a wave.

Summer looks like the sun beaming on the deep blue shimmering sea. I can see people sunbathing in the burning hot sun. People are splashing in the shallow blue sea. I love watching seagulls flying high in the bright blue sky.

Summer feels like the soft, silky, hot sand on the bottom of my feet. I can feel the sharp shells pinching my feet. I can feel the freezing cold sea splashing on my body.
By Alice


  1. Nicola Carvell10 June 2013 at 17:16

    WOW!! Your amazing Alice, looks like you worked really hard on this poem, I'm so proud, I love the part about how you can taste the salty sea water after being dunked by a wave, that reminds me of summer too.

  2. Alice C., what an absolutely wonderful "Summer Poem". It has so many delightful aspects to it and I just love all the descriptive detail - smells, sounds, tastes, looks, feels!! Where did this all come from Alice? It doesn't matter where, it's just great - well done. I love it.