Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wow Alive Jelly fish! By Karen L and Claire

WOW! Alive Jelly Fish!
On Monday the 27 May we made a jelly fish in a bottle. Now we will teach you step by step how to make a jelly fish that looks alive.
You will need these everyday products:
Clear plastic shopping bag
Clear drink bottle that is not going to be used anymore
Blue food colouring or blue dye
Fishing string
How to make it:
1.First you cut a plastic bag in half
2. Second you put your first finger in the middle of the half plastic bag
3. Blow in the the hole where your first finger was
4. Tie the string in under the hole but don't make it so tight because you need to put water in it
5. Put water in the jelly fish and the bottle only put two thirds of water into the bottle
6. Now put the dye into the bottle but not the jelly fish
7. Put the jellyfish in now and you are DONE!
This is the finishing result!

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