Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making Jellyfish by Rose

Jelly fish

In Room 5 we have been studying the sea. We have learned that turtles sometimes mistake plastic bags for  jellyfish. Now we have made plastic bag jellyfish we can see why turtles think they're jellyfish.

This is how we made a jellyfish in a bottle…
  1. Cut a plastic bag in half and cut the handles off
  2. Put your finger in the middle and flip it upside down so it is on top of your finger
  3. Slide your finger out and tie some string around the neck, but not too tight that you can’t get any water in
  4. Pour a little bit off water into the head of the jellyfish, so it fills the top half and then pull the string so the water can’t escape.
  5. Get a clear bottle and fill it up to the top with water and then put a pinch of blue food colouring in.
  6. Get your jelly fish and put them in the bottle
  7. Put on the lid and then have fun! Turn the bottle upside down and watch your jellyfish floating around like a real jellyfish!
Here is a video to show you what to do:

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