Thursday, 14 March 2013

Room 5's Conclave

In Room 5, we found it very interesting to learn about how the new Pope was chosen. It is a very detailed election called a Conclave that involves a lot of very complicated rules. We were finding it a bit hard to understand, so we decided to have a class Concave, to elect the Class Captain! It was a very exciting day and we learnt a lot about the process. We still haven't managed to elect a Class Captain, because there are so many rules to follow, but we have narrowed it down to the top two - Maddy and Jaimie!

First, we had to decide on the job description for the Class Captain. It is a year long job and there had to be responsibilities, as well as rewards. Here is what we decided:
Responsibilities -
* Choose a different Co-Captain each week to help with responsibilities
* Allocate Monitor's Jobs each week 
* Check that diaries have been signed every morning
* Call the roll each morning
* Organise Lunches and Money Bag
* Take messages
* Help organise Class Assemblies

Rewards -
* Receive any awards Room 5 wins
* Give out House Points in class
* Wear a special Class Captain badge
* Be the 'Policeman' when the teacher is out of the room
* Organise music to play during art time
* Issue books at the Library

Once our job description was written, we all had to write speeches, explaining why we would be the best for the job. 

We had 20 minutes to write our speech and 10 minutes to practise it, so we had to work fast! 

Everyone presented their speeches and then the voting began!

After many rounds of voting, we were down to our top two Maddie and Jaimie.

We couldn't get a unanimous vote, so they have written speeches that we are going to put on the blog anonymously and see if we can get a winner this weekend!! Please leave constructive comments on the speeches, to say who you think sounds like they can best fill the job description.


  1. Great work Room 5, Good luck to both Maddy & Jaimie.

  2. Well done both of you!!!! I lovve how you learnt something new and I beet it was preety tence.