Sunday, 17 March 2013

Crazy Filters!!!

Today our group made a water filter. First, we had to research on the internet to find out what we needed to find.
 This is how we did it :

1. First we cut a Coke bottle in half (Adult supervision)
2.Then we poked 5 holes in the bottom of the coke bottle (Adult supervision)
3.Put in the cotton
4.Tip in some sand
5.Put some mini rocks/gravel
6.Put in some coal/charcoal  
7.Put in some fresh grass
8.Put some more cotton on top... DONE
9.get some dirty water and pour it in the water filter
10.Use a container to get the clean water 
11. Do steps 9 and 10 over and over with the same water until it comes out crystal clear

We learnt how to always have clean water, even if our water source is dirty (like if we are stuck in the forest or something!).
We were surprised that charcoal made water crystal clear - we thought it would turn the water black!
We learnt that we needed to put the cotton at the bottom, so that all the dirt and sand wouldn't fall out the holes at the bottom.

We had a lot of fun making our water filter and we learnt a lot. We wish you Good Luck if you decide to make it. Do you think you can make a filter that is as good as, or better than, ours?!

Sam, Alice,Karen and Thomas


  1. Love your crazy filter!! I'm sure the only crazy part is how well it works.

    The design you have come up with sounds very similar the filters we use to keep our aquarium water nice and clear. I especially liked how you have included some carbon/charcoal in your filter, that should really help clear up any funny colours or smells in your filtered water.

    Great work!

  2. Wow thats so magic. I will defintly make a water filter.

  3. i love how you made the water filter pictures had your whole group in it:)

  4. Crazy Filters,wow that is just awsome! Maybe I should have a go at making one as I know someone now who can help me.(hay Alice).Well done team.