Sunday, 17 March 2013

How to Make a Water Filter (Room 5 style!!)

Room 5 did a project where we made our own Water Filters.

Here is how we did it, just in case you'd like to do it yourself.

The ingredients are...

  • Sand
  • Rocks
  • Cotton/Silk
  • Grass
  • Coal
  • bottle
  • knife

  • Get all the ingredients
  • Cut the bottle in 1 quarter
  • cut cloth in small pieces
  • add sand into the bottle
  • add rocks on top of the sand
  • add sand onto the rocks
  • add grass on top of the sand
  • putt cotton on the sand
  • punch holes at the bottom with pins (ask parents to help)
  • add clean water to clean until it's clean.
  • add dirty water if it's dirty put some more clean water though it.

Our group did very well, we thought! We managed to clean the water a lot, but our next step is to figure out how to make it crystal clear like some of the other groups!

Claire found out you can make dirty water into clean water.
Karen J found out that you can make dirty stuff in to clean water.
Vanessa found out that you can make a simple filter with things that are easy to find.
E.J learned how to make a Water Filter with things around the house.

We all want to do it again!

Claire, Karen J, Vanessa and E.J


  1. I hope you had a graet time making them.
    by the sounds of it you did a graet job
    and leant a lot.

  2. yep i learn about you can use dirt to make clean water

  3. It seems back to front, doesn't it Karen? Who would have thought that charcoal could make water clear, not black and that adding rocks, pebbles and grass would make water clean, not dirty! It just doesn't seem to make any sense, but we all found out that it works, didn't we!

    I hope you're having a great long weekend :). See you on Wednesday,
    Miss Williams

  4. Excellent work Karen and other students in the group, now you all understand how water filtering system work, good efforts, keep the good teamwork efforts on other projects