Thursday, 14 March 2013

Class Captain #2

This is why I would love to be CLASS CAPTAIN:
I am responsible, I love helping, I’ll get my work done, I’ll also have fun,
But keep in mind, I’m responsible.
I am not mean to kids or adults, I love to try new things, I’ll be a good sport, I love making new friends, I will all ways be interactive, I’ll stay in at lunch time if I have to, I’ll do anything, I’ll chose I different co captain every week, I’ll give out house points, I’ll be fair when it comes to choose, I won’t be lazy!
Please vote for me, you won't regret it!


  1. Hi

    I love your speech and it is incredible!
    I mostly like how you explain what you are going to do when you are the Class Captain.

    1. It is soo good i vote this one. <3 love lara

  2. Really liked how your going to choose a new co captain every week, however, I don't really care if your good at sports, as long as you try your best! Well done

  3. Alice, I think she meant she is a good sport (not a bad winner or loser), rather than she is good at sports :)
    I do like what you said though, about always trying your best!
    Miss Williams

  4. Its awesome how you said you would stay in for lunch!

  5. i love it because you are basicly saying i'll do anything

  6. I love the way that captain 2 said that she likes to try new stuff out and i hope if she were the class captain she won't be like Mr. Linsin

  7. Gosh Karen, I hope she won't be like him too! We need a class captain who will think and listen, not one who thinks all children should be little parrots!

  8. Hi

    that speech was a very good speech,but is it true that you are going to stay in lunch time.

  9. I like the way that your always on task,responsible and you would be a good sport even IF you're not class captain.It would be good if everyone was like you making friends with people and not being mean.