Sunday, 17 March 2013

Our Amazing Water Filter

On Monday the 18 we enjoyed creating a water filter. We forgot the bottle (the main ingredient!) so we made a deal with another  group to swap some sand for a bottle.

We had to research the best way to make a filter, before we could get started. 

1. First you get a bottle and cut it near the top and poke tiny holes in the bottom.
2.  Put a layer of cotton on the bottom.
3.  Then place dry sand on top of the cotton make sure it covers all of the cotton.
4.  Crush charcoal into dust then put it on top of the sand (do this activity outside!)
5.  Place a thin peace of material  over the charcoal.
6.   Place the top of the bottle that was cut off and put it underneath the bottle to catch the drips.

7.  Pour water in and enjoy.

We learnt that we always had to try our hardest and never give up - the first time, our filter didn't work at all, so we had to try again and again. If we had given up after the first time, we would have felt like we failed, but by figuring out the problems and fixing them, we ended up with a working filter and we felt soooooooooo proud!

We were amazed that with just a few simple ingredients that we could find around the house, we could make a simple filter that actually works - our final water was clean, germ free and delicious!!

We were surprised that charcoal helped to clean the water. It made our hands so dirty, that we were sure it would turn the water black!

We learnt afterwards that we could have added grass to our filter. A lot of other groups used grass and it helps to clean the water even faster.

We reused water and kept putting it through the filter until it was completely clean and safe to drink. 

We really enjoyed breaking the charcoal because it turns into dust and it was really interesting.

Have you ever made a filter? What did you put in to make it clean the water? Do you think you'll try making a filter now that you have heard about our success??

By Rose, Axel, Joe and Madison



  1. wow that is amazing i love how we said that after you pore the water in to enjoy.

    And i love how there was that pitcher off the charcoal.

    the last thing is i love how we just keeped on trying.

  2. Well guys, you made me soooooooo proud with your perseverance and your insightful comment. ♥
    Miss Williams

  3. Kiri (Rose's Mum)18 March 2013 at 19:21

    Great work! I hope that if there is a natural disaster and there is no fresh water, that your group can come and help me make some clean water. Really interesting experiment.

  4. i like the pictures on yours