Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cup Song

I know you guys all think that the Cup Song came from Pitch Perfect, but I learnt it in the 80's after it was on a popular TV show called Full House! Pitch Perfect has made it popular again, but it has been around for many decades. It wasn't new when it was on Full House either :).

Have fun practising it - but please give me a break from it sometimes!!

Have an awesome weekend and have fun commenting and voting for your Class Captain :D. Good luck Jaimie and Maddy! 

Miss Williams


  1. I am really interested at that. I watched the video and it is so funny! I tried it but I can't. :)

  2. I've been working really hard practising the cup song and i've almost got it : ) The video was very funny!

  3. the cup song full house is really funny i've got the intro but not the whole thing.