Sunday, 17 March 2013

Our Water Filter

Hi everyone!

We are The Rock Stars.

We made water filters today. Here is what we did, in case you want to make one at home. Make sure you do it outdoors so you don’t make a mess!!!

In our water filter we had:
  • Cotton (at the bottom of the container that has holes) make sure you cover the container and you can’t see any plastic at the bottom
  • Sand (cover the cotton)
  • Rocks (you don’t need to cover the sand)
  • Charcoal
  • Grass (only a little bit)
  • Tissue Paper (fold to fit into bottle)
  • Rocks again (same type of rocks)


  1. Poke holes so when you pour water in it will come back out
  2. Put the cottons in first and make sure you can’t see any plastic
  3. Put the sand in which covers the cottons
  4. Add the rocks in, to cover the sand
  5. Break the charcoal into little pieces and put them in after the rocks
  6. Now find some grasses that doesn’t cover the whole thing
  7. Take a piece of tissue and fold into the size that would fit inside and put it in
  8. Now add the rocks again which is the same type of the rocks in step  4
  9. Put another bottle underneath the container with holes
  10. Take some water from the tap
  11. Pour them into the container with the holes
  12. Wait and you will see that the water you put in will come out dirtier than the normal water
  13. Pour again into a different bucket and put it back underneath the container with holes
  14. Now pour the water in the bucket that has holes
  15. Wait again and see if it is clean
  16. If it is still dirty repeat step 13 & 14 until you get the water clean
  17. If it is clean then drink it if it doesn’t have any other stuff in it (make sure it is absolutely clear)

Jasmine said:

Our class made filters this morning. It was lots of fun.
The container that I brought to school was bigger than the Pump bottle that Yuan brought, so we had to duct tape the sides so water will not drip out.

Yuan said:

I brought 2 bottles to school and traded 1 bottle to someone (because they didn’t have a bottle) and they gave some sand back to us. My other teacher, Mrs Figgins came to our class and helped us make the water filter. I hope you have a good time trying  the water filter. Try not to make any big mistakes. :D

Michael said:

It was fun doing the filter but it had its challenges like when we had to find good charcoal and get stones around school.

Jaimie said:

I loved the experiment.  I would of drunk the water but we weren’t allowed to, because we weren't sure if it was safe or not. I also loved making muddy water!!!


  1. wow with all that righting I'm sure I can make a filter as well.

    1. we added a bit more stuff that wasn't on the list af stuff we needed that is why there is sooooooooooo much writing. ;o)

  2. Great work Rock Stars - loved the way you had to go round school to find the materials you needed.

  3. This is an awesome project. Everybody can learn from this. I think this is the basis of how the water purifiers are being made.

  4. Hehe, thanks guys. We had a lot of time on this. It was very fun to find things and stuff like that. I really like making water filters.