Monday, 11 March 2013

A Summer Life

A Summer Life

Summer smells like the salty sea crashing upon the shore as the sun sets across the golden sand. I can smell the delicious aroma of barbecues toasting supper while I run around having fun with friends and family.

Summer sounds like children laughing and eating ice blocks and birds chirping in the early morning sun. The beach sounds like family and friends having an excellent time. 

Summer tastes like sweet fruit and cold ice cream refreshing me on a hot day. I love the taste of freezing cold ice blocks, melting in the blazing sun. I can taste the frozen drinks gliding down my throat as I drink the delicious sweet treat. 

Summer feels like the summer breeze rushing past me as I walk down to that soft sand that tickles along the soles of my feet. I can feel the bumpy shells that have been scattered across the beach rustling along the heels of my feet as I walk across the rocks, avoiding oysters. 

Summer looks like the beautiful sun set that spreads across the beach while I bob up and down in the sea. The beach looks crowded as citizens enjoy its fabulous nature - swimming, building sand castles and playing games. The clear blue sky sees the sea glistening and families picnicking on the golden sand.

By Georgia 



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  1. What a beautiful walk through of summer Georgia. I am both impressed and surprised by some of the descriptors you've used. I've never thought of "citizens" on the beach before! This made me think of our exciting camping holiday at Hot Water beach and reminded me of the things you enjoy doing when we visit Opito Bay in the Coromandel. Mel Thorburn