Monday, 25 February 2013

Swimming Sports!

Last Tuesday it was the school swimming sports at St Kentigern's College. We used poetic language to share our experiences. We looked at how powerful verbs are and how we could carefully select verbs to portray our emotions. Here are our poems. We hope you like them!

Did you ever have swimming races at St Kents?
Heart beating
Body shivering
Lots of splashing
It’s lots of fun - try it!
By Isabelle, Jacob and Nick

Did you ever race in the St Kent's pool?
Lungs gasping
Nerves shaking
Hearts pumping
Try it!
By Karen, Thomas and Alice

Did you ever swim a race at Saint Kents?
Legs pumping
Crowds cheering
Arms aching
Give it a go!
By Georgia, Fisher and Claire

Did you ever go swimming in the deep waters of Saint Kents?
Body shaking
Heart pounding
Legs trembling
By Jasmine, Cora, Jaimie and Michael

Do you think that the verbs we used created an impact? We would love to hear what you liked about our poems and what we need to work on next.


  1. I think you nailed it Room 5, I know Alices heart was pumping and nerves were shaking that day!

  2. Short, sharp,creative impact from all of the poems. I like very much. Well done Room 5, well done.

  3. Did you ever read a Room 5 poem
    Mind soaring
    Grin spreading
    Pride swelling
    Great work Room 5!!

    1. We love your poem TD!! You certainly put a grin on our faces
      Room 5