Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Welcome to Room 5!

Welcome to the Room 5 blog! This will be a place for us to share our learning with you and for you to catch up with what we are up to. We would love it if you could leave us comments about our work - what you like, what could be improved, and any questions that you have about what we are doing. We have lots of exciting things planned for our Year 5 year and we can't wait to share them with you!

Below is our class Treaty. We all discussed the kind of room we wanted to be a part of. Here is what we decided on:

We want Room 5 to be:
·   respectful of adults, peers, equipment and the environment.
·   students who take pride in their work, their presentation, their classroom and their school.
·   a class who gives anything a go, never gives up and always tries their hardest.
·   a self-motivated class who manage their time effectively, and show initiative and independence.
·   a caring and supportive class who work together to meet their goals.

We are looking forward to a great year!

The children of Room 5


  1. Shame, Alice must of been away sick the day that photo was taken, what a wonderful idea to have a class treaty.

  2. Who's missing from this photo - ALICE! We need a little photo added to the main photo. Well done Room 5 for thinking of and agreeing to a class treaty.

  3. We will definitely get a new photo up. Quite a few kids were sick that day, but we really wanted to get the blog up and running, so we just went with it! We'll get a new one up soon :).

    Thanks for your comments! We really love to hear from our community and read their feedback.

  4. we looklike a pyramid

  5. I like the class captain speeches.they are awesome! I wonder who will I vote for (I can't wait to see the results.):).

  6. Oh, I was in China at that time, you guys look really great!

  7. Well done room 5, great to see everyone showing a cheerful funny face, good to see you guys agreeing a class treaty, keep up the good work