Sunday, 17 March 2013

Our Awesome Water Filter.

Our group made an awesome water filter!

 First of all we put cotton in the bottom of our bottle, then we put clean sand on top of it, then we put gravel on top of our sand.

 Last but not least, we cleaned our water filter with clean water until the water came out clean

Then we put muddy water in the top. It took a while for the water to come out, but we got clean water in the end. YIPEE!!! We ROCK!!

We were not sure if it was safe to drink the filtered water or not - we will have to try to figure out a test to see if it is safe or not!

We were surprised to learn that cotton wool is really good at cleaning water. We had to keep washing the filter out, because otherwise the dirt got trapped in the filter and made the water even dirtier! We were so surprised that charcoal was a good filter.

We thought that charcoal would make the water black, not clear!

Our group learnt a lot about perseverance today. The first filter we made didn't clean the water at all. We were discouraged, but we went back to our plans and tried again. Each time we tried, we learnt more about filters, until finally we managed to get clear, drinkable water! We were so proud!

Do you think that this was how people used to make filters in the olden days, before you could just buy one from the shops? Have you ever made a water filter? We would love to hear about your experiences :)

By Jacob, Alex-David, Gina and Isabelle (aka The Pickles!!!)


  1. wow cristal clear water that was awesome but do you know how you did it was it the way that you put it in or was it what you put in the filter?
    nice job the pikles

  2. wow I how you dicribe alll the information abut fillters