Thursday, 14 March 2013

Class Captain #1

Hi everyone
This is why I think I should be class captain
I am very friendly and Funny
And I love helping others.
If you are lonely come play with me and my friends
I love learning new stuff and trying new things!
I will give you house points
I am cool and awesome.


  1. hi
    i think your is grate!
    you should be class captain!

  2. hi
    I think u should be class captain cause you
    said you learned new things!

  3. Wow, I really like your speech! It is really great and fantastic! I want you to be our class captain so that you can give us house points. ;)

  4. that speech was awesome I really think you should be class captain

  5. I agree with learning new things! AWESOME!

  6. hi
    i like your speech because helping each other is GREAT!:)

  7. i love how you said you would let anyone play with you

  8. I think that was a great speech because i think that learning new things are cool :)

  9. I agree. Our class captain should be a person like you, happy and friendly person who is always on task. I think you are a very nice person and I hope you will be the class captain.

  10. I agree you to be class captain because you are friendly and helping people.