Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Extreme Trampoline - by Alice

I was riding in the car waiting excitedly for us to get to the Extreme Trampoline building.
Finally, after a long bumpy ride we got there. 

When I walked in the doorway I could hear kids screaming and running excitedly.
When I came in, straight away we went to warm up on the nine Olympic sized trampolines. 

What I liked most about it was the huge climbing wall. You climbed up and then jumped into a big foam pit. I had the most amazing time and I’ll definitely go there again!

By Alice


  1. So pleased you had such an EXTREME time!! Lovely to see your story on the blog, well done Alice.

  2. Alice, what a really cool true story! Very precise and to the point and descriptive - so much so, I could have been there! Well done Alice.